Love for Laurel


Laurel Love

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! It (Laurel’s presentation) was so great! Your wisdom, knowledge and sincerity truly helped to connect to our students and definitely with the parents. We will definitely have you in again next year – for a much longer session!!”

Tensy Paul Kalaparambath, Teacher, St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre, Toronto, ON

“Good morning my kittens!” Says Mrs. Laurel as she enters our classrooms always with a lovely smile. She works with our Preschool and Senior Preschool programs, with children ranging in age from 2.5-5 years old – accommodating her lessons plans to match their ages as well as their individual skills. She is always so passionate about what she is sharing, it is always a unique experience, but one the children respond to, love, and benefit from. Mrs. Laurel is a wonderful lady, who brightens our days and calms our bodies, sending love always.”

Jenna, ECE, The Chartwell House Early Learning Centre, Oakville, ON

Kiddo Love

“Laurel is amazing, calms people, she’s like a miracle worker. Everything she does is unbelievable. She has the power to calm people. She is an incredible human being. She is a very enthusiastic person. She loves working with people and is always happy! She is like a teddy bear.” ES Age (10)

“She makes me have an open mindset. She made me calm down and forget about all my worries with her magical powers. She has the power to open kids mindsets!!!”  BS (Age 8)

“Laurel is great! She helped me sleep better. She told me how to relax and calm down. NOW I feel better! I don’t hit trees any more!” GB (Age 7)

“Before Laurel gave me advice on how to sleep properly, I felt very exhausted and sleepy everyday I had to go to school.  After Laurel gave me advice, I felt well-rested and not sleepy anymore.  I think Laurel’s advice is really good because she finds out what your problem is and finds a solution for you.  I had to work hard on my homework from Laurel for the first couple of weeks, and then I was able to just fall asleep without thinking of it.  Before I used to wake up all the time and call in my Mommy and Daddy, but after Laurel’s advice, sleeping was much easier.” AV (Age 8)

“Her voice is soft and sparkly.” LT (Age 4)

Parent Love

“I was first introduced to Laurel Crossley through some of the parents at our school about the amazing work she did with kids. When I saw that our school was hosting a parent workshop and Laurel Crossley was the speaker, I signed up immediately! Her workshop taught me so much about about myself as a person, my parenting and what type of family life I aspired to have. Laurel inspired me to let go and simplify my family life. I am so thankful to have met her and have the opportunity to attend her workshop to become a better me!”

2017 Parent Presentation Attendee St. Clement Parent, Toronto, ON

“Laurel has a way of connecting with kids, big or small, that really allows them to speak freely and openly about their worries. Her warm, and light hearted approach is exactly what my son needed when he was dealing with some unpleasant, emotional issues. Thank you Laurel for giving our son some excellent strategies and advisement on how to alleviate his worries!”

Parent of Coaching Client, 2017