We are SUPER excited to support your school or community group with one of our amazing programs!! Our Founder, Laurel Crossley, has purposefully designed each program for children and youth using a pedagogical approach that incorporates both theoretical and practical applications. Props and theatrics ensure that the child retains his or her learning to use everyday.

Our programs for parents and teachers adhere to adult education principles and theories, incorporate group discussion and dialogue  and always include simple and practical strategies for use at home and school.

Kids Programs

What do silly hats, dog toys, rubber ducks or crystals have to do with supporting Kids? Our programs use these amazing tools and props to best support kids in ways that are a wee bit unconventional. Our programs are always piloted by kids for kids to ensure our programs resonate with their demographic!!

One of our team members is available for your next:

  • School-wide Presentation
  • Classroom Speaker
  • Athletic or Team Speaker
  • Community Group Speaker such as Girl Guides or Boy Scouts
  • Children’s Wellness Retreat Workshop Provider
  • Summer Camp/Recreation Workshop Speaker

Some of  our school program topics are:

  • *YAY!! YOGA!!™ – An introduction to Yoga using play-based theory
  • *LMAO – Laughing My Anxiety Off™  – Helping Kids reduce fears, worries & anxieties (Ages 11+)
  • *Meditating Munchkins™ – Introducing Children to the foundations of Meditation (Ages 2 – 6)
  • *Crazy For Crystals™ – Science and History of Crystals to support health (Ages 7- 10)
  • *Magnificent Mindfulness™ (Ages 7- 10)
  • *Dream Big, Dream REAL Big!™ (Ages 11+)

*Programs can be modified to suit different ages

Teacher Programs

For years, Teachers have been expressing to team the need for practical, hand-on strategies to support themselves AND their classrooms on the topic of mindfulness! Founder, Laurel, set out to develop programs to best support teachers, their classrooms and students that would be super easy to implement. The results were dramatic reductions in classroom stress levels and a more peaceful atmosphere.

One of our team members is available for your next:

  • Teacher Conference
  • After school Teacher Workshop/PA Day Event
  • Teacher Lunch & Learn

Some of our Teacher topics include:

  • YAY! YOGA! – For Teachers
  • The Mindful Teacher™
  • LMAO – Laughing My Anxiety Off™ – For Teachers
  • Putting OM In Your ClassroOM™
  • When Did I Become A Juggler?!?!™

Parent Programs

For many of us, parenting is one of life’s most challenging roles. Parents aren’t supplied with any type of owner’s operating manuals and understanding how to successfully navigate through the ups and downs of this role can leave us feeling isolated and unheard.

As a parenting expert, Founder Laurel, took it upon herself to develop programs with with one goal in mind – to support the health and well-being of parents,  mind, body and spirit. Each parent program ensures that every attendee leaves with practical tools, knowledge and insight on how to thrive in the role of parent!

One of our team members is available for your next:

  • Parent Council Meeting
  • Parent Development Initiaitve
  • Parent Wellness Event
  • Conference Speaker & Workshop Provider

Some of our parenting topics include:

  • YAY! YOGA! – For Parents
  • The Mindful Parent™
  • LMAO – Laughing My Anxiety Off™ – For Parents
  • Putting OM In Your Home™
  • When Did I Become A Juggler?!?!™
  • Who The Heck Am I?!?!™
  • Who The Heck Are You?!?™

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