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| Meet Laurel | Speaker | Presenter | Coach |
Laurel Crossley, B.A. Child Studies

Laurel Crossley has over 20 years of Family Coaching experience supporting parents and children on topics related to stress, worry, anxiety, mindfulness and meditation. She is a highly sought after Speaker on the topics of self-development, parenting, and child development, having been interviewed for television, radio and featured in several print publications.

Laurel is devoted to supporting mental health promotion and education as it relates to families. Because many of her clients struggle with participating in traditional classroom settings, she set out to find a way of supporting them. Laurel’s uses the whole-child approach to ensure that children are supported mind, body and spirit.

Laurel in the Media – Print, Radio and Television


| Meet Alannah | Life Coach |

Alannah Byers is a Canadian life coach and entrepreneur. When she’s not practicing her coaching skills, she enjoys playing video games and immersing herself in science-fiction! Alannah is an active member of the LGBTQIA* community. She has a passion for helping others no matter their age or stage in their life journey.

Alannah has dealt with mental health struggles (anxiety, depression) since she was a child, and knows just how powerful the benefits of a coach can be. As a member of the LGBTQIA* community, Alannah is able to understand from first hand experience how difficult coming to terms with your gender or sexuality can be.

Alannah has graduated from Rhodes Wellness College and is now a certified life coach. She is currently in the process of applying to the International Coaching Federation.