Kid Testimonials

Here’s what kids have to say about Laurel!


Laurel is great! She helped me sleep better. She told me how to relax and calm down. NOW I feel better! I don’t hit trees any more!”

GB (7)

Before Laurel gave me advice on how to sleep properly, I felt very exhausted and sleepy everyday I had to go to school.  After Laurel gave me advice, I felt well-rested and not sleepy anymore.  I think Laurel’s advice is really good because she finds out what your problem is and finds a solution for you.  I had to work hard on my homework from Laurel for the first couple of weeks, and then I was able to just fall asleep without thinking of it.  Before I used to wake up all the time and call in my Mommy and Daddy, but after Laurel’s advice, sleeping was much easier.”

AV (8)

Her voice is soft and sparkly.”

LT (4)

Thanks for helping me when I needed it the most Laurel!”

NH (11)