For Kids

img_0776What do silly hats, dog toys, rubber ducks or crystals have to do with supporting Kids? Well, when you have a facilitator like Laurel Crossley with a background in theatre, recreation leadership, Child Studies and Child Development, Life Coaching and motivational speaking, you learn a thing or two about working with children to get them excited to make GREAT personal changes!

Laurel’s passion to support Kids has been a long-standing love affair with helping them feel like they can do “anything” they set their minds to, and understanding how best to support themselves from ages 3 – 19! Her own journey includes overcoming extreme shyness, anxiety and her over the top worries that began at age 4 and continued until age 14. Laurel’s quirky sense of humour engages children in a way that respects their individual needs and encourages them to express themselves in a safe and friendly space!

Laurel is available for your next:

  • School-wide Presentation
  • Classroom Speaker
  • Athletic or Team Speaker
  • Community Group Speaker such as Girl Guides or Boy Scouts
  • Children’s Wellness Retreat Workshop Provider
  • Summer Camp/Recreation Workshop Speaker

Some of her topics include:

  • *LMAO – Laughing My Anxiety Off™  – Helping Kids reduce fears, worries & anxieties (Ages 11+)
  • *Meditating Munchkins™ – Introducing Children to the foundations of Meditation (Ages 2 – 6)
  • *Crazy For Crystals™ – Science and History of Crystals to support health (Ages 7- 10)
  • *Magnificent Mindfulness™ (Ages 7- 10)
  • *Dream Big, Dream REAL Big!™ (Ages 11+)

*Programs can be modified to suit different ages