Life Coaching for Kids

The team coaches children and families around social anxiety, anxiety disorder, ADD, ADHD, anger, bullying or being bullied

Our company began 20+ years ago as a coaching company devoted to supporting families. Today it remains at the epicentre of our success and we are continually adding Coaches with specific skill sets to best support our clients!

Our coaches have assisted families with the following:

  • Social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder
  • School anxiety – exam, test and presentation anxiety
  • Lack of sleep or sleep disruptions due to “Busy Brain Syndrome”
  • Anger and frustration
  • Bullies and those being bullied
  • Socialization situations – shyness, social awkwardness, social isolation
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

How it Works

  • We begin with a 15 minute complementary introduction session via Zoom web conferencing or FaceTime with every potential client and create a strategy for that client
  • We book 4 – weekly, 30 minute coaching sessions
  • We re-assess the process with client (and parent or guardian) and add additional weekly sessions as needed
  • Once the coaching sessions are complete, we recommend a maintenance program of follow-up with 2 to 4 monthly 30 minute coaching sessions as needed

Why it Works 

  • Appointments are readily available! Many clients require immediate support and in some cases, can be put on long waiting lists. We offer interim support to offset these long wait times experienced by so many families!!
  • Our sessions are completely virtually;  all you need is internet access! Virtual sessions means less anxiety for clients as they can complete the sessions from anywhere they feel comfortable!
  • We listen! Coaching sessions are based on the immediate needs of each individual session!
  • We won’t work with every client unless they want to work with us! The success of our program is from client buy-in to the coaching process.
  • We allow the client to take the lead! Every session is built upon the previous session and incorporates the client’s viewpoint!
  • We give simple strategies that work and easily incorporated at home or school!
  • We’ve been there! Each one of our coaches has has dealt with similar issues  and is able to draw upon their own personal experiences as a means of further support!

Meet Our Coaches!

Laurel Crossley, B.A. (Child Studies), Life Coach, Certificate in Adult Education

With over 25 years of coaching experience, Laurel’s area of expertise is working with children between the ages of 3 and 12 that struggle with anxiety from school, social anxiety or life’s transitions. Her hilarious sense of humour, silliness and unique style make her a “hit with kids”. Parents often refer to her as the “kid whisperer”!

Alannah Byers, Certified Life Coach 

Alannah’s coaching practice supports youth ages 13 – 19 that struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, school anxiety. Her highly specialized area of expertise, are youth in the LGBT community that are wanting to come out to family, peers and employers. Her demeanour is loving, gentle and kind which makes her ideal for the youth demographic!

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