Children’s Wellness Conference of Canada

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Children’s Wellness Conference of Canada
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For over 10 years , Laurel Crossley, Children’s Wellness Conference of Canada Director had a vision – a vision to bring together parents, organizations, practitioners and therapists to create a unique conference that supported children ages 0 – 18 with mind, body and spiritual wellness!

As a Life Coach that works with children that struggle with many diagnoses, she knew how difficult it was for parents, caregivers, coaches, and therapists to find local supports to address the whole child. As she collected her posse of support people, she was shocked at how hard it was to find resources, content and people in her own local community. She KNEW she had to do something on a grander scale to bring these people together in one space to share content through conversations!

During one of her powerful, daily meditations, her vision became clear and she immediately reached out to her friend and colleague, Jackie Fenton of the Jackie Fenton Agency, who’s expertise is building events from the ground up who immediately recognized the importance of a conference of this magnitude and immediately jumped on board!

Together, Laurel and Jackie bring together a beautiful blend of therapists, practitioners, experts, parents and caregivers for a full day experience of content and conversation to support the children in our communities – mind, body and spirit!

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September 27, 2018 – 9:00 am – 4:30 p.m. – The Atrium – Burlington, ON

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