Laurel, B.A.(Child Studies) – Life Coach – Speaker – Parent Educator

Laurel Crossley has over 20 years of Family Coaching experience supporting parents and children on topics related to stress, worry, anxiety, mindfulness and meditation. She is a highly sought after Speaker on the topics of self-development, parenting, and child development, having been interviewed for television, radio and featured in several print publications.

Laurel is devoted to supporting mental health promotion and education as it relates to families. Because many of her clients struggle with participating in traditional classroom settings, she set out to find a way of supporting them. Laurel’s approach to coaching children is a holistic approach ensuring that each individual child is supported mind, body and spirit to ensure the utmost success.

In 2014 she founded the online OMSchool an international, interactive, immersive classroom where she hosts programs she created just for kids

Company History

In 2005, Laurel founded Opti-Mom as a way of solely supporting mom mental health through seminars and workshops focusing in mom health and well-being. In 2010, Laurel’s shift focused on supporting Children and Families understanding the profound connection between parent and child as it contributes to family health and well-being.

In 2016, Laurel split her company Opti-Mom into two distinct businesses – http://www.laurelcrossley.com and launching in January 2017 www.theomschool.ca offering programming to children, teachers and families online.

Laurel in the Media

Laurel has contributed her expertise on the topics of Motherhood, Parenting, School and Education, Child Development, Anxiety, Mindfulness, Meditation, Sleep Solutions and more to many media outlets including print, web, radio and television. Here are just a handful for you to enjoy!

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