Laurel Crossley and her team offer meditation and mindfulness for kids, teachers, & parents, life coaching for children, and professional speaking for schools & communities

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The core essence of our work at laurel crossley.com is to support educators, children/youth and parents build stronger and more resilient communities.

We offer a unique series of presentations and programs to best support the emotional well-being of school communities always observing a child-centric approach to our work.

Every presentation and program for children has been thoughtfully crafted using the theoretical and practical applications of early childhood education to promote child development through the use of imaginative play.

Our programs for parents and teachers adhere to adult education principles and theories, incorporate group discussion and dialogue  and always include simple and practical strategies for use at home and school.

Using mindfulness, meditation and yoga techniques, the strategies within our programs can easily migrate from classroom to home to community as they are easily adaptable wherever they are needed.

Let us help your school or organization create an experience that best supports your community!